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-====== MFD Garmin =======+====== Garmin MFD integration ======
-Wiring: no special cable is required, the Garmin is a normal Ethernet socket. use a standard RJ-45 LAN cable. For proper wiring, including pull relief; an adapter is necessary (TBD). 
 +===== 1. Introduction =====
-Networking  (DHCP server op de Garmin)+This document explains how to connect to Garmin MFDs using an Ethernet connection. 
 +The integration technology used is called [[|Garmin OneHelm]].
 +Make sure to also study the [[|Marine MFD Integration by App chapter in the manual]].
-Usage+Note that there is an alternative method to connect, which is NMEA2000. See the [[|NMEA2000 chapter in the main manual]].
 +===== 2. Compatibility =====
 +OneHelm is currently available for the following models:
 +  * GPSMAP® 8400/8600 MFD series
 +  * GPSMAP® 722/922/1222 Plus MFD series
 +Also, Active Captain is supported. Below screenshot shows ActiveCaptain, with the Victron App.
 +From Victron side, all GX devices (Cerbo GX, CCGX, Venus GX, and so forth) can be used and are compatible. For details on detailed product compatibility with regarding to inverter/chargers and other components, see the [[|main Marine MFD App chapter in the GX Manual]].
 +===== 3. Wiring =====
 +The Garmin needs to be connected to the [[|GX device ]] using Ethernet. Its not possible to connect over WiFi. For the ethernet connection, a Garmin adapter is required:
 +  * Marine Network Cables - 6ft - PART NUMBER 010-10550-00
 +  * Marine Network Cables - 20ft - PART NUMBER 010-10551-00
 +  * Marine Network Cables - 40ft - PART NUMBER 010-10552-00
 +  * Marine Network Cables - 500ft - PART NUMBER 010-10647-01
 +===== 4. Configuration =====
 +==== 4.1. GX device settings ====
 +  - Go to //Settings -> Services//, and there enable both //MQTT on LAN (SSL)// and //MQTT on LAN (Plaintext)//.{{:venus-os:venus-html5-mqtt.png?400|}}
 +  - Go to //Settings -> System Setup -> Scroll to the bottom -> Marine MFD App configuration//. And there set up what batteries you want to see on the MFD, and by what name. Make sure to check out [[|this video, which shows how to configure the batteries to be visible on the MFD]]. {{:venus-os:venus-html5-batteries1.png?400|}}{{:venus-os:venus-html5-batteries2.png?400|}}
 +  - For boats; and other applications with DC loads such as lighting and a Battery Monitor installed, make sure to enable the "Has DC system setting". For more information about it; see the [[|GX Manual]].
 +==== 4.2. Networking ====
 +No special networking settings are necessary. Not on the Garmin; and not on the Victron GX Device.
 +The Garmin MFDs run a DHCP server; and the [[|GX device]] are by default configured to use DHCP. After plugging in the cable, the Victron icon will show up after 10 to 30 seconds.
 +To connect the GX Device to the internet and the [[|VRM Portal]], while its Ethernet port is already in use to connect to the Garmin, use WiFi. [[​live/​ccgx:​start#​internet_connectivity|more information]].
 +:!: Connecting a Garmin MFD to a network router over Ethernet leads to IP address conflicts, due to the integrated DHCP server. 
 +:!: It is not possible to use a [[|GX GSM]], due to the integrated DHCP server of the Garmin MFD.
 +===== 5. Configuring Multiple Battery Monitors =====
 +===== 6. Step by Step =====
 +===== 7. NMEA 2000 =====
 +The MFD can also be connected to the Victron system using NMEA 2000, see the [[ve.can:nmea-2000:start|]].
 +The MFD can be configured easily to display the data from the GX device. There is no need to change any instance.\\
 +To setup NMEA 2000 on the MFD, go to //Settings > Communications > NMEA 2000 Setup > Device List//. Here you can view information about the connected products and change their names. Note that the names are stored on the MFD and not on the NMEA 2000 device.
 +The following Victron related PGNs are supported:
 +  * 127505 - Fluid level (tanks)
 +  * 127506 - DC Detailed Status; State-of-charge, Time-to-go
 +  * 127508 - Battery Status; Voltage, current
 +The supported PGNs may vary per model. Please consult the manual of the MFD for a list of supported PGNs.
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