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Manual - VE.Direct to Bluetooth Smart dongle

Note: this product was previously called the VE.Direct to Bluetooth LE dongle. There are no differences, only the name has changed from LE to Smart.

Product page on our main website:

VictronConnect - Discovery VictronConnect - BlueSolar Live VictronConnect - BlueSolar Settings

With the VE.Direct to Bluetooth Smart dongle you can get live status info, see historical values as well as configure Victron products. The dongle works together with the VictronConnect App, available for both Android and iOS devices.

Supported Victron products

The dongle can be connected to all Victron products that have a built-in VE.Direct port. For a full list see the VictronConnect App manual.

Installation Notes

  • Connect the dongle directly to these products. The dongle cannot be connected to a Color Control GX.
  • It is not possible to monitor a product using both a Color Control and a Bluetooth dongle at the same time.
  • It is not possible to extend the VE.Direct cable.
  • After connecting the first time, the Blue and Red LED will be blinking fast and alternating. It needs to be updated to the latest firmware, which will happen automatically when connecting to it with VictronConnect.

Supported phones and tables

The used device needs to have Bluetooth 4.0 (BT LE) in order to work with the dongle. For a full list of devices see the VictronConnect manual.

VictronConnect App

The dongle works together with the VictronConnect App. Download links for iPhone, iPad as well as Android devices are available on our software page

Pairing procedure

Default pin code is 000000

After connecting, you can change the pin code by pressing the (i) button in the top right of the app.

If the dongle pin code is lost, reset it to 000000 by pressing and holding the clear PIN button until the solid blue colored Bluetooth light flashes off and on momentarily.

LED Status codes

The dongle has two LEDs, a Bluetooth status LED (blue), and an error LED (red). On power-up, both LEDs will be on. When both LEDs stay on, something is wrong with the communication on VE.Direct.

BLE State Blue LED Red LED Remark
Disabled On On VE.Direct communication problem.
The dongle will not advertise itself so it will not be visible in VictronConnect.
Not connected Slow blinking Off
Connected On Off
Clearing pin Double flash Double flash

During firmware updates there are some additional LED status codes when the device is in bootloader.

BLE State Blue LED Red LED Remark
Not connected Fast blinking Fast blinking Red and Blue LED Alternating
Connected On Slow blinking
Uploading On Faster blinking
Programming Fast blinking Off


I don't see my product in the discovery screen

  • Only one phone or tablet can be connected to a dongle at the same time. Make sure no other devices are connected to the dongle, and try again.
  • The dongle does not support all Victron products. Check if your Victron product is listed in the section above.
  • The dongle is powered via the VE.Direct cable connection. Make sure the dongle is connected to a supported device and the LEDs blink when connecting the cable or power is turned on.

I cannot connect to the dongle

  • Make sure you are close enough to the dongle. In open space, a distance of up to approximately 20 meters should work.
  • Connection issues might be caused by an incorrect Bluetooth pairing. Try re-pairing by first removing the pairing from the phone: go to your phone's Settings, then click Bluetooth. Click the (i)-icon next to any “VE.Direct LE” device and click “Forget This Device”. Then, open the VictronConnect app again and pull down the Discovery screen to rediscover products. Set the dongle in pairing mode by clicking the button on the dongle, then click the Victron product in the app's Discovery screen. Confirm the pairing and you should now be connected to the dongle.

My dongle has a VE.Direct communication problem. What should I do?

  • Assure that the product it is connected to is working properly.
  • Try to disconnect the dongle and reconnect to the same product.
  • Try to connect the dongle to a different product when available.
  • Check if VictronConnect can see the device when using a VE.Direct cable connected to a PC or android phone

Update dongle firmware

After connecting with a new VictronConnect version for the first time, it might be that the firmware of the dongle needs to be updated. Be warned that this dongle firmware update can be a bit of a hassle: all steps need to be patiently and accurately followed.

The update might need multiple steps: repeat the process untill the dongle entry disappears from the list and the product connected to the dongle is listed instead.

There are small differences between the Android and iOS update process.

If you get stuck in any point of the update process just close and open the app again. That should reset the update process to the last completed step.


Follow these instructions in this pdf.


  1. The dongle has to be paired before starting the update.
  2. After the first update step is completed go to the iPhone/iPad bluetooth settings and remove the dongle from the paired devices list. Then go back to the VictronConnect app and continue with the second step.

Update sequence:

At this stage go to the iPhone/iPad bluetooth settings and remove the dongle from the paired devices list:

Now open VictronConnect again, and continue the update:

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