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-hello, +===== Documentation =====
- +
-i'm owner of a MultPlus 48/1600/20 and i use it to charge my DIY LiFePo4 power-storage. +
-now i control its function by switching it On and Off with the "remote"-contact by a RaspberryPi. +
-The RaspberryPi read the Input and Overload of my SMA-EnergyMeter and then switch the charging on, if there is more power, than i need in my house. +
-but i find out, that i can change the charging current with Ve-Configure(windows) while the charger is loading the batteries. +
-so i think it may be a useful function, to change the charging current depending on the overload of the PV-Equipment. +
-I read the Documents about the protocol to talk over the MK3-adaptor, but i can't find the solution, how to set the parameter. +
- +
-All the other open-source projects are made only to read and document the use of the parts. +
- +
-i need such a sequence, which code i have to transfer to the MK3(FTDI), so i can set the parameter for charging current. +
- +
-my main program is running in python(3) on the RaspberryPi. +
- +
-thanks for help +
- +
- ===== Documentation =====+
 ==== Looking for product documentation and manuals? ==== ==== Looking for product documentation and manuals? ====
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