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Smart Battery Sense manual

1. Introduction

The Smart Battery Sense is a wireless battery voltage- and temperature- sensor for Victron MPPT Solar Chargers.

The Solar Charger uses these measurements to optimize its charge parameters. This will improve charging-efficiency and prolong battery life.

The connection between the Smart Battery Sense and the Solar Charger(s) wireless: VE.Smart Network, a wireless technology that is based on Bluetooth Smart.

Simple to install & configure, the Smart Battery Sense comes with an inline fuse and pre-crimped eyelets. And adhesive tape on the back, to mount it on the battery.

System design & component selection

  • Check the VE.Smart Networking compatible products list for compatible Solar Chargers.
  • The Smart Battery Sense is not needed, nor allowed, in systems that also have a Color Control GX or Venus GX, see FAQ Q6 for more info.
  • The Smart Battery Sense is not needed for installations that already have a BMV-712 with its temperature sensor accessory.
  • For installations with a BMV-702 + temperature sensor accessory, consider adding a VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle instead of a Smart Battery Sense.

2. Installation

Connect the unit's two eyelets to your battery terminals and attach it directly onto the battery-body using its self-adhesive strip.

For battery banks consisting of multiple individual batteries, connect the Smart Battery Sense unit on any one of the batteries.

In case the supplied bat+ and bat- cables are not long enough, their length can be increased. Make sure to use the same, or thicker, gauge cable.

4. Configuration

See this below video. Also, see the step by step procedure as documented in the ve-smart-networking manual.

5. Trouble shooting


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