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Smart Battery Sense manual

1. Introduction

The Smart Battery Sense is a wireless voltage- and temperature- sensor for Victron MPPT Solar Chargers.

The Solar Charger uses the battery voltage & temperature information to optimize its charge parameters. This will improve charging-efficiency and prolong battery life.

The connection between the Smart Battery Sense and the Solar Charger(s) wireless: VE.Smart Network, a wireless technology that is based on Bluetooth Smart.

Its very simple to install & configure, the Smart Battery Sense comes with an inline fuse and pre-crimped eyelets. And adhesive tape on the back, to mount it on the battery.

  • The Smart Battery Sense is not needed, nor allowed, in systems that also have a Color Control GX or Venus GX, see FAQ Q6 for more info.
  • The Smart Battery Sense is not needed for installations that already have a BMV-712 with its temperature sensor accessory.
  • For installations with a BMV-702 + temperature sensor accessory, consider adding a VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle instead of a Smart Battery Sense.

2. Installation

Connect the unit's two eyelets to your battery terminals and attach it directly onto the battery-body using its self-adhesive strip.

For battery banks consisting of multiple individual batteries, connect the Smart Battery Sense unit on any one of the batteries.

In case the supplied bat+ and bat- cables are not long enough, their length can be increased. Make sure to use the same, or thicker, gauge cable.

4. Configuration

See this below video. A step by step procedure is documented in the ve-smart-networking manual.

5. Trouble shooting


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