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Scheduled Charging Manual

1. Introduction

Scheduled Charging is a feature meant for use with Time Of Use (TOU) electricity tariffs. It allows charging the batteries during off-peak hours, usually to offset energy use during peak hours. It also allows charging to stop at a preset SOC to allow room for PV charging later in the day.

2. Configuration

Scheduled charging is available as part of ESS, under Settings → ESS. It is only available when the ESS mode is set to Optimised. Scheduled charging naturally makes no sense when the mode is set to Keep Batteries Charged.

At present, five schedules can be set. To make it easier to see at a glance what is configured, a summary of the start day, time and duration is shown for each.

For each schedule you can select a specific day of the week, every day of the week, or you may opt to charge on all weekdays or only on weekends.

The Multi will start charging from the grid at the specified start time, and stop after the set duration or when the set SOC limit is reached. The period designated by the day, start time and duration will subsequently be referred to as a scheduled charge window.

During charging, the ESS state will indicate that Scheduled Charging is in progress.

3. Stop charge on SOC

When a SOC limit is set for a scheduled charge window, charging will stop when the batteries reach the requested SOC. The batteries will however not discharge until the scheduled charge window ends. The goal is to be at or near the requested SOC at the end of the scheduled charge window.

4. Frequently asked questions

Why does the Multi not discharge the battery after charging ends?

Discharge is disabled until the end of the scheduled charge window. The goal is to exit the window at the requested SOC.

How can I prevent discharge to reserve battery capacity for later in the day?

Set a charge window for the required period with a low SOC Limit. Discharge is disabled in a scheduled charge window.

What happens if I set overlapping schedules?

The first matching schedule takes priority. If the two schedules have different SOC limits, the limit of the second matching scheduled charge window takes effect after the first scheduled charge window ends.

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