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-====== How to add dimming functionality to a solar lighting system ====== 
-===== Cable requirements ===== 
-Use the VE.Direct TX digital output cable ASS030550500 (previously called PWM light dimming cable) which is used together with the MPPT 75/10, 75/15 or 100/15. 
-  * This cable is intended for solar lighting applications (more applications may follow later). 
-  * Energy consumption can be substantially reduced by light-dimming when appropriate. 
-  * Lower energy consumption will reduce overall system cost, and increase light availability even when 
-the battery has only been partly charged due to bad weather. 
-The TX cable connects the TX pin on the VE.Direct connector of a MPPT 75/15 or 100/15 to the PWM 
-light dimming input of a LED driver. 
-===== Software and firmware requirements ===== 
-The MPPT solar charge controller must have software version V1.15 or higher. An MPPT with an older 
-version can be upgraded with VE Power Setup which can be downloaded from our website: 
-The latest firmware can be requested from [[]] 
-A [[VE.Direct to USB interface]] (ASS030530000) is needed to connect to the MPPT controller to the 
-To configure the MPPT controller, download ‘mpptprefs’: 
-Please see: for the programming options. 
-The dimming function has been tested 
-with the following LED drivers: 
-- RECOM RBD-12 
-- Glacial Power GP-LD7048-0B 
-- Glacial Power GP-LD3548-0B 
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