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 ===== # Error 11. ===== ===== # Error 11. =====
- +For issues relating to Error 11 alarms[[ 
-Error 11 refers to a fault state where an internal relay check is performed to assess if there is a functioning neutral earth link in the electrical system. If a neutral earth link is not found, the Multigrid will engage the relay and create this link. +|please read the VE.Bus Error Codes page]].
- +
-There can only be 1 earth, neutral link bond (NEM) in each installation. For example, In Australia, this link is made inside the supply mains distribution box.  +
- +
-In the event of a detected grid outage, the Multigrid will disconnected ("island") the active AND the neutral on the AC-Input to the inverter. This also serves to remove the NEM connection, which needs to then be quickly re-created inside the Multigrid for the AC-Out. This is to maintain safety features on the electrical circuit such as residual current devices (RCDs). +
- +
-It is important for the operation of this relay, that the neutral links on the AC input and AC output of the Multigrid remain isolated from each other.  +
- +
-If there is a connection detected between these two neutrals, it will trigger Error 11, and the unit will shut down until it is corrected. +
- +
-If you are adding the Multigrid to existing wiring and intend to seperate the essential (AC-Out) and non-essential (AC-In) loads; It is recommended to disconnect all existing distribution board wiring for these and re-wire the board with them structurally separated and clearly labelled +
- +
-To be clear, that is two separated, neutral busesOne for the mains grid supply and one for the AC-Out 'Essential Loads' that will remain on during a grid outage. +
- +
-It will only take one instance of a circuit with the active connected to the AC-out, while the neutral is connected to the AC-in neutral bus (or vice versa) to lead to re-occurring error 11 issues. +
- +
-Furthermore, future circuit additions by electricians who are unfamiliar with the separated neutral links could lead to issues arising with an otherwise functioning installed system. +
- +
-If you are not separating the loads into Essential and Non-essential, and all loads will be connected to the AC-Out of the Multigrid, then you will STILL have 2 seperate neutrals. However the ONLY load on the Main Grid Supply neutral will be the Multigrid AC-Input. +
- +
-This will still cause the NEM link to be broken during an outage, and the new NEM link to be made inside the Multigrid. +
- +
-You will need to run two Active and two Neutrals to the Multigrid, one for the AC-In and one for the AC-outThey will share the same common earth. +
- +
- +
-{{:drafts:multigridwiring.jpg?600|}} +
 ===== # Nuisance Tripping of Residual Current Devices (RCDs) ===== ===== # Nuisance Tripping of Residual Current Devices (RCDs) =====
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 If multiple circuits sharing a single RCD each have a small leakage, replace it with RCBO’s on each of the circuits to bring down the total to within the limits. If multiple circuits sharing a single RCD each have a small leakage, replace it with RCBO’s on each of the circuits to bring down the total to within the limits.
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