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ACin ignore timer using CCGX Generator auto start/stop example

Note that below functionality requires Color Control GX version v1.30 or newer. See here for update instructions.


The CCGX internal relay can be used to start a generator. The relay can also be used to set other things. For example in combination with an assistant and the use of an AUX input it can be used as a timer to ignore ACin on set times to make use of 'off peak tarrifs'. The multi/Quattro does not have a real time clock so the time is not very exact. The ColorControl does have an internal clock. Exact switching can be done. 3 steps have to be done for this to work.

 1. Setup the Generator start/stop function on the ColorControl
 2. Add  and configure the assistants: 'General flag user' and 'Programmable relay'
 3. Wire the ColorControl relay to the Aux of Temp input on the Multi

Enable the start/stop function

For all the information on how to enable this go to this page:

Set the Test run condition

Allows you to program a periodical test run. This can be on set times and interval
We will use the test run condition to set the time when the relay will be closed. No other conditions will be used in this example.

  • Test run interval: Interval for the test run. For this examaple it is set to 1 day
  • Skip test run if has been running for: For this example will be set to: Start always
  • Test interval start date: The interval count will start based on this date, this setting can be set in the future and the interval will be ignored till the set date is reached.
  • Start time: Time when the relay will close. For this example 01:05
  • Test duration: Duration of the test. For this example set o 5:50 so the end time is 6:55

Assistant Settings

To make it work add and configure the assistants: General flag user and Programmable relay General flag user Set to: Use general flag to ignore AC input 1

Programmable relay You need to of the 'Programmable relay' assistants. 1 to set the flag and 1 to clear the flag. Set Flag when relais is open

  • Action: Set relay on

Clear Flag when relais is closed

Wire the ColorControl relay to the Aux of Temp input on the Multi

Last step is to wire the ColorControl relay to an AUX of Temp input that is defined in the assistant setup. The relay will short the input. The assistant will not ignore ACin when the relais is closed.


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