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ACin ignore timer using CCGX Generator auto start/stop example

Note that below functionality requires Color Control GX version v1.30 or newer. See here for update instructions.


The CCGX internal relay can be used to start a generator. The relay can also be used to set other things. For example in combination with an assistant and the use of an AUX input it can be used as a timer to ignore ACin on set times to make use of 'off peak tarrifs'. The multi/Quattro does not have a real time clock so the time is not very exact. The ColorControl does have an internal clock. Exact switching can be done.

Enable the start/stop function

For all the information on how to enable this go to this page:

  • Generator state: Condition that is currently keeping the generator running.



  • Periodic test run

Condition settings

Test run condition

Allows you to program a periodical test run.

  • Test run interval: Test run will be performed periodically based on this setting
  • Skip test run if has been running for: The test will be skipped if during the test run interval the generator was running at least the number of hours set on this setting.
  • Test interval start date: The interval count will start based on this date, this setting can be set in the future and the interval will be ignored till the set date is reached.
  • Start time: Time of day in which the generator will start
  • Test duration: Duration of the test
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