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 __More information__ __More information__
-Besides this chapter, make sure to also read [[https://​​blog/​2019/​12/​11/​venus-os-v2-40-nmea2000-out-solar-irradiance-and-more/​|the introduction blogpost]], ​as well as our [[ve.can:​nmea-2000:​start|main Marine MFD Integration document]]+Besides this chapter, make sure to also read (1) [[https://​​blog/​2019/​12/​11/​venus-os-v2-40-nmea2000-out-solar-irradiance-and-more/​|the introduction blogpost]], ​(2) our [[ve.can:​nmea-2000:​start|main Marine MFD Integration document]] ​and (3) the NMEA2000 chapter in the Victron manual for the MFD you are using ([[venus-os:​mfd-navico|Navico/​Simrad/​Lowrance/​B&​G]],​ or [[venus-os:​mfd-raymarine|Raymarine]],​ or [[venus-os:​mfd-garmin|Garmin]],​ or [[venus-os:​mfd-furuno|Furuno]])
 +Yes that is a lot of reading, but that is basically inherent to NMEA2000: for example some of those MFDs support displaying AC data received over the NMEA2000 wiring, others do not. Some require changing Data instances, others do not, and so forth.
 ==== 7.2 Supported devices / PGNs ==== ==== 7.2 Supported devices / PGNs ====
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 Supported. This includes any battery monitor as supported by the GX Device. Supported. This includes any battery monitor as supported by the GX Device.
-=== Other data and product types ===+=== Solar chargers ​===
-Not supported. Above are the only now supported typesFor example tank levels are not yet transmitted ​out on N2K, nor is any data from charger (such as the Phoenix Smart Charger connected via VE.Direct), and neither is data from solar chargers.+Not yet supported ​by the NMEA2000-out function but in the works and expected after in a firmware update after the summer of 2020. 
 +=== Tank level data ===  
 +Not yet supported by the NMEA2000-out function but in the works and expected after in firmware update after the summer of 2020. 
 +=== Other data and product types ===
 +Not supported. Above explicitly mentioned types are the only ones now supported. For example data from a charger (such as the Phoenix Smart Charger connected via VE.Direct) is not supported and not expected to be supported soon.
 ==== 7.3 Related menu settings ==== ==== 7.3 Related menu settings ====
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