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 __Data instance__ __Data instance__
-Data instances cannot be changed -at least- at Victron ​we do not provide a means to do so and also we don't know of any other available tool that allows changing Data instances. Note that as explained ​above under the WARNINGwe also recommend ​to not change ​a data instance; since then the information cannot be properly read any more by other Victron devices.+Even though ​we recommend to not change data instances (see explanation ​and WARNING ​above)it is possible ​to change ​them.
-On more technical note, our products ​do support to have their data instances ​changedby using the CAN-bus messages specified to do so as per NMEA2000 documentation (so called "​complex write commands"​).+There is no option within Venus OS to change them - third party tool is required and the only tool that we know can do that is Actisense NMEA2000 reader. 
 +To change the Data instances, ​see [[ve.can:​changing_nmea2000_instances|this document]].
 __Device instance__ __Device instance__
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