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 Get the latest swu file: Get the latest swu file:
-  * CCGX: [[https://​​feeds/​venus/​release/​images/​ccgx/​venus-swu-ccgx.swu|venus-swu.ccgx.swu]] +  * Color Control GX: [[https://​​feeds/​venus/​release/​images/​ccgx/​venus-swu-ccgx.swu|venus-swu.ccgx.swu]] 
-  * Venus GX: [[https://​​feeds/​venus/​release/​images/​beaglebone/​venus-swu-beaglebone.swu|venus-swu-beaglebone.swu]]+  * Venus GX & Octo GX: [[https://​​feeds/​venus/​release/​images/​beaglebone/​venus-swu-beaglebone.swu|venus-swu-beaglebone.swu]] 
 +  * GX Card in the MultiPlus-II or EasySolar GX: [[https://​​feeds/​venus/​release/​images/​nanopi/​venus-swu-nanopi.swu|venus-swu-nanopi.swu]] 
 +  * CANvu GX: [[https://​​feeds/​venus/​release/​images/​canvu500/​venus-swu-canvu500.swu|venus-swu-canvu500.swu]]
 +Note that the same files, and the change log, is available on [[https://​|Victron Professional]]. That also features a dropbox connection, so you can always have the latest file available on your laptop.
 ==== Step 2. Install on an sdcard or usb stick ==== ==== Step 2. Install on an sdcard or usb stick ====
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