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Venus OS - Beta testing

Would you like to become a Beta tester?

Venus OS - or Venus for short - is the operating software for our Color Control GX and Venus GX. Extensive field testing over a wide variety of installation-types and user-cases is very valuable to us …and we're very grateful to you for your interest in joining this program, and for your help.

What happens when I join the program?

The development cycle works like this: We are constantly developing new features, making improvements and fixing bugs for all the various functions of our devices. We test these changes in our factory, and when we're fairly sure they are stable, we combine all these changes for release as a Venus OS test version. But only by testing in the real world can we learn how the software works in practise - that's where you come in! You will be informed by email whenever a new test version is available.

A cycle typically consists of 10 or so test versions. After that, when all known bugs are fixed, we release the new version to the general public.

When you join the test program, your device will run on these test versions.

What not to do?

This is a note to dealers & installers: Do not install test versions on a customer's installation.

These versions are called test versions, or release-candidates for a reason, and must not imposed on customers who naturally expect their system to be stable.

Where should I post possible issues?

If you think you have found a bug, first of all install the latest official release again (a version without the ~ notation) to check that if that solves it. Sometimes you can go back by using the Backup firmware option. If that also contains a beta version, then you’ll need to install the official version by hand. Download the .swu file from and then follow the manual install procedure; using a usb stick or as card.

If the problem also exists with the official release; then contact normal support.

If the problem only exists in the beta version, then please reply to the emails containing the change logs; or send them to the dev-venus mailing list. Do not raise issues on Disqus pages, Comminity forum - or any of the regular support channels for bugs in beta versions.

And don't forget to mention which test version you are using.

How to join the program?

Go to Settings → Firmware → Online updates → Update to, and there select Latest release candidate.

To receive the emails about the test versions, make sure you register the device on the VRM Portal, and change the setting so that you have admin rights on the product.

How can I install the latest beta firmware?

To install beta firmware online follow the instructions above in - How can I join the program?

…or alternatively, to install the version with a usb-stick or sd card, download the latest image here:

You will find the Venus GX images in the directory titled: beaglebone/.

How do I know if the firmware I am running is a offical release?

Official releases have a clean version number, ie v2.06, or v2.10.

Version with a tilde in their version number, are either internal test versions, or beta versions.

For example, v2.06~12 is test version number 12 of version v2.06. The next build will be v2.06~13, and so forth. When releasing the final version of v2.06, the tilde and test number are removed, and the firmware is officially released as v2.06.

Where can I find the change logs?

Change logs for beta versions are on the Modifications section on Community.

Change logs of the official releases are on Victron Professional.

I have a problem, how can I return to the previous version?

You can always return to the previously installed version:

  1. Disable automatic updates: Settings → Firmware → Online updates, Disabled)
  2. Revert to the previous version: Settings → Firmware → Stored backup firmware.

In case the backup firmware is also a test-version, and you wish to return to the last stable version, you will have to perform an update using an sdcard or usb-stick. Follow these instructions.

How can I unsubscribe to the emails?

By un-joining the program: Go to Settings → Firmware → Online updates → Update to, and there select Latest release. As long as you are using release-candidates or beta versions of our software, it will not be possible to unsubscribe. Not even by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

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