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Hub-1 working!

Look carefully at above image. What do you see?

You see a Multi connected to mains. Its charger is in storage mode: the batteries are full. And you see a MPPT Solar Charger 150/70 putting 1113 Watts on the DC bus.

The Multi is converting it back into AC, and since there are no significant loads, it is being backfed into the grid. This system, with DC coupled PV and the ability to backfeed into the grid is what we call Hub-1. As opposed to Hub-2 and Hub-3 which are installations where the PV is AC-coupled using PV grid converters.

Synchronizing multiple MPPT 150/70 charge controllers

Synchronizing multiple BlueSolar charge controllers MPPT 150/70 is now possible! Synchronizing chargers, also known as paralleling, has several advantages:

  • Don’t waste solar power: all chargers will always be in the same state, no risk that one of them switches to float to early
  • Simple wiring: connect only one temperature sensor and one voltage sense
  • Run synchronized equalisation charges
  • Monitor them as one big charger on the Color Control GX
  • And, a couple of weeks from now, also on the VRM Website