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Silence please!

Last week we started and also completed the development of a small but very useful assistant: ‘Silence fan’.

The fans in certain models of our Multi and Quattro Inverter/Chargers can be quite noisy, especially in the dead of night in your motor home, RV or boat; very annoying, we know. And since you have all night, it isn’t necessary for the Multi to charge at maximum amperage .

I am happy to present a solution! Wire a simple on/off switch to an input of your choice: the Auxiliary input or to the Temperature sense input. And add and configure the ‘Silence fan’ assistant. The motor home owner can then enable and disable the fans with that switch. During charge, the charger will reduce its output current. Not immediately, but only after the internal temperature has increased over the threshold. And when inverting, the Multi will have a reduced maximum inverter power. It will switch off and reach the temperature  alarm faster. Because many people might be OK with a reduced charge, but still like to run the coffee machine without first having to remember the switch, we have added an option to only disable the fans in charge-mode.

Many thanks to our German distributor Transwatt, for their suggestions!

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New version of VRM app available

A new version of our VRM app has been released yesterday, both in the Apple app store, and the Google Play store for Android. An overview has been added: you can now see the solar yield from a PV Inverter. Another nice improvement is that we show kWs per phase, instead of just L1. And there are some more smaller fixes and changes.Continue reading

New firmware for the Color Control GX – v1.11

Finally! I am happy to announce the new firmware release for the Color Control. It was completed last week. There is more good news – the photo above shows the long-awaited batch of 200 pieces. Also, the back-orders (of more than 100!) were shipped last Friday, which still leaves stock to fulfill new orders.


The most important change is a bug fix: the connection between a BMV and the Color Control GX (CCGX) would get lost after a random time. The only way to restore the connection was to power cycle the BMV itself. This is now fixed.Continue reading

Hub-1 working!

Look carefully at above image. What do you see?

You see a Multi connected to mains. Its charger is in storage mode: the batteries are full. And you see a MPPT Solar Charger 150/70 putting 1113 Watts on the DC bus.

The Multi is converting it back into AC, and since there are no significant loads, it is being backfed into the grid. This system, with DC coupled PV and the ability to backfeed into the grid is what we call Hub-1. As opposed to Hub-2 and Hub-3 which are installations where the PV is AC-coupled using PV grid converters.