Victron Energy people: Who is Ruurd ten Brink?


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Ruurd ten Brink

Update May 2018: Ruurd has now retired after many years of service. We wish him well for his retirement and welcome Leo Yntema who now takes up this position.

My name is Ruurd ten Brink and I’m 64 years of age. I am married and we have two children, plus five grandchildren to date! I live in Sneek (The Netherlands), a beautiful city in the north of Holland which is famous for Sneekweek and it’s watersports events.

From a work perspective, I’m the Victron Energy Sales Manager for Eastern Europe, Switzerland, Austria and the Benelux area.

In my early working life I started as Volkswagen mechanic and after that as an electrician working with agricultural machinery, such as combine harvesters and tractors. After this I started a job working with boat electrical systems. At this company I became familiar with Victron equipment as we were a distributor for Victron Energy products. Additionally we did repair work on diesel engines, diesel fuel pumps, hydraulics, alternators and starter motors. I completed this job at a Bosch diesel and electrical centre, after 25 years as technical manager, and then started with Victron Energy.

All my life I wanted a job where I could travel in a technical sales capacity where my experience could help me to advise my customers and provide them with technical support.

I’ve always considered myself as a technician, more than a sales person, but during my work with Victron I’ve been able to combine both the commercial and technical. The technical side especially so; for instance when we started in the solar and self-consumption market I was once again back to my technical roots.

Working for Victron Energy suits me because it is a nice company to work for, with a lot responsibility for growth in my area and a job where I need to take good care of and build solid relationships with my customers.

Around fourteen years ago I started up Victron in the Eastern European countries; from Poland to Croatia, Switzerland and Austria, looking for new dealers in our different markets and giving technical training in Holland or on the spot in each country. Finding new opportunities is my first activity and I also support our distributors and customers with technical know-how, sales, service and all kinds of marketing activities.

Now you know a little bit more about me and despite my age I do not intend to stop working – because I love doing this and hopefully I can do this job for some years to come.

Thanks for reading.

Ruurd ten Brink

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